Cafe Flowers

    Cafe Flowers

    Address: 1, D. Megreli St (Avlabari Ascent)
    Phone: +995 32 274 75 11


    Café Flowers-that's the style of beauty, coziness, comfort and open hospitality. 

    Café is located on Avlabari Ascent and includes the hall, terrace and the landscape garden from where you can enjoy breathtaking views of Tbilisi. Garden is really beautiful, green and full of odorous flowers; you can also relax in arbour made by Italian wood-Glicinia. 

    There is the flower salon - "Orchid and Bamboo", which offers you bouquets, decoration of weddings and banquets by flowers, green service for balconies, terraces, offices, apartments, winter gardens. 

    Cuisine is diverse and delicious. All dishes are served by special decoration. 

    Time really stops in the café, everything in here is just organized in such a way to relax and feel yourself comfortable.