Wacho Bardavelidze

Wacho Bardavelidze

Address: Gudiashvili street, 7
Phone: +995 (322) 97 16 02
Email: n.metreveli@gepra.ge
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WachoBardavelidze/
Opening hours: the exhibition will open on October 11 at 18:00. After the opening, everyone will be able to visit the exhibition until October 18 from 10 to 19 hours.
Ticket: free admission

On October 11, for the first time, a personal exhibition "Flowers of Space" will be held in Tbilisi by an artist in Europe and the United States by Georgian artist Vakhtang Bardavelidze. More than 50 paintings and sculptures will be exhibited in the exhibition hall of the National Library of the Parliament of Georgia and will be available for viewing until October 18.

Vakhtang Bardavelidze was still not known to the Georgian audience. However, his works are of interest to American and European collectors, paintings by Vakhtang Bardavelidze are still kept in their collections. Some of these paintings will also visit Tbilisi on October 11 to participate in a special exhibition.

Vakhtang Bardavelidze is the only artist whose print or online catalog
does not exist. This is explained by the fact that many photographers were ready to tape his paintings, but the paintings could not be fully visualized. The reason is a special drawing technique. Vakhtang Bardavelidze painted not on ordinary canvas, but on medical gauze. Stretched like a canvas on a medical gauze, he managed to create a space in which his paintings differed in color and perception. In order for the viewer to fully understand the work, he must see it on the spot, in the light of the corresponding lighting. Some of them are bilateral, and it is almost impossible to hang them on the wall.

The family of Vakhtang Bardavelidze left about 50 paintings and sculptures. They were brought from Munich to Tbilisi in order to fulfill the artist’s desire and make it accessible to the Georgian audience. In Western Europe and America, Vakhtang Bardavelidze was known not only as an artist, but also as an art therapist. In addition, over the years, he has initiated many charitable projects to help the homeless and children with leukemia. In 2001, he, together with UNESCO, founded the Summer Art Academy in Georgia. In connection with such projects, family members of Vakhtang Bardavelidze decided to establish his foundation, which will award scholarships to students of the Academy of Arts. The presentation of the fund is scheduled for the opening day of the exhibition.
On October 11, at 18:00, the National Parliamentary Library of Georgia will receive hundreds of guests and introduce the Georgian artist. Visitors will be able to view the exhibition for another week until October 18, from 10 to 19 hours.