Holland & Barrett Georgia

    Holland & Barrett Georgia

    Address: 46 I. Abashidze St., 1 Kavtaradze St.
    Mobile: +995 577 909 103 ; +995 577 909110
    Email: hstoresgeorgia@gmail.com
    Website: http://hollandandbarrett.info-tbilisi.com/
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    HOLLAND&BARRETT is leading network in Great Britain of vitamins, minerals and herbal supplements.

     HOLLAND&BARRETT offers the customers high quality natural meal supplements, vitamins, cosmetics, child care and health lines. 

    HOLLAND&BARRETT has 145 years experience in production of meal supplement. Many years of experience helps customers increase and keep the good health.

    HOLLAND&BARRETT as the leading 100% natural in Great Britain, natural products and healthy food is remaining “GREEN” for years.

    HOLLAND&BARRETT shops also offer gluten free products, sugar free, allergic free, vegetarian etc.

    Experience consultants are at your service, they will assist you in choosing the right product and give the complete information about it.

    HOLLAND&BARRETT’s products are passing strict quality control.

    Good quality is not determined by the price, we are strictly following the standard set by the century’s practical experience. We believe that the quality we are expecting is only achieved with using high quality ingredients.

    HOLLAND&BARRETT’s professional consultants will gladly assist you and give the complete answer on your questions.