Address: Dighomi, right embankment of Mtkvari River, Beliashvili St. 79
    Mobile: +995 574 43 73 73


    Holidays, anniversaries , business lunch and dinner, pleasant evenings with friends, cosy atmosphere and tasteful music are highly appreciated in the restaurant "Keria", The restaurant's name - "Keriya" already creates a warm environment. 

    "Keria" is three story building. 

    Upon entering you will arrive at a second floor, European style interior realized in wood ornaments and modern gear. Additionally, two natural bamboo terraces provide remarkably exotic experience. Every element is implemented with exceptional elegance. 

    From here you can reach a third floor. Soft and comfortable furniture, remarkably beautiful green corridor and soothing music are ideal for undisturbed conversations. 

    First floor elegantly utilizes Georgian traditional design. Stage decorated with mirror will provide an exceptional experience of Georgian songs. Furthermore, music program is saturated with popular foreign hits performed by professional singers. Evening is culminated with Georgian traditional dance crew "Bani". 

    From here you go straight to the summer courtyard, where you will see green terraces and beautiful views of the Mtkvari River. 

    If you want to feel full, then you must come to the restaurant "Keria". The pleasure that you get here is much higher than the amount you paid. 

    This is your “KERIA” 

    P.S. There is the huge 15 ton stone hanging by special chains next to the restaurant. So while visiting the restaurant you'd better try and test your strength... 

    The name of the restaurant - "Keriya" already creates a warm atmosphere. 

    Tree, Stone, Iron, Food, Drink, Plants Here everything is natural.