Address: 41 Gamsaxurdia Avenue
    Phone: +995 32 237 96 88


    A Chinese restaurant "Siang-gan" was opened on St. Barbara's day, December 17, 2003 and is located in one of the prestigious parts of Tbilisi - Gagarini square. This is the only place in Tbilisi, where you can have Hong-Kong delicacies. The "Siang-gan" has a cozy and a pleasant surrounding. Everything that you see around shows the richness of Chinese culture. You will undoubtedly feel yourself quiet and get much pleasure here.The cooks of our restaurant are invited from Hong-Kong. They will surely amaze you with their professionalism and variety of dishes.

    As a complete novelty to Georgia, a Chinese Restaurant Siang-gan offers worldly well-known dish Beijing Smoked Duck, cooked in the same way as in Beijing. The dish is really very special as is cooked and served in a different way and has particularly piquant aroma and taste.
    A Chinese Bistro Hong Kong at the Rustaveli cinema has added to its food Chinese sweets and a delicious novelty of the Chinese cuisine called "Shauli noodles".

    The "Siang-gan" is ready to serve you from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. Please, come on visit to us and appreciate our cuisine yourself. A small part of Hong-Kong is waiting for you in Tbilisi, at Gamsakhurdia ave.(Gagarini sq.)

    The restaurant "Siang-gan" offers business-lunches for offices and organizations. Price is 6 GEL.

    For more information contact: 37 96 88