Tbilisi City

Tbilisi City


Tbilisi--One of the Oldest Cities in the World

Tbilisi-Capital of Georgia
Location-Eastern Georgia
Height-380-600 m
Total area- 500 square kilometres.
Population- about 1.5 million
Calling code-32

Climate-moderately warm and humid The coldest month is January, the hottest month is July. The most rainy month is May Average annual temperature is 12,7 °C

National Currency - Georgian Lari

Tbilisi International Airport serving various foreign airlines as well as Georgian ones is located about 20 km from the city centre. There are several ways to get to Tbilisi centre from the airport:
1. The most comfortable way is to make arrangement and contact the companies dealing with airport transfer before arrival. That option is more convenient for you, if your flight arrives late at night. Please see more info at Airport-Transfer
2. Also bus #37 transfers passengers from Tbilisi International Airport from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. It's the cheapest transportation means and just costs 0.5$ but doesn't provide door to door delivery service. However after using that bus you can get to the city center and then change to another public bus and reach any desirable destination.
3. There is the rrailway station near the international airport of Georgia. A very comfortable and modern train with the capacity of 100 passengers will move on the rail road taking them to the central railway station. Traveling from airport to the central railway station will take only 20 minutes and it leaves in every 40 minutes.Fee is only 2 GEL-(about $1.5)
4. Taxi is the best and fastest way to travel. Upon leaving the arrivals terminal, taxi drivers are the first locals you see. Unlike the buses taxi rates are higher and start from 15 Lari (about $10-12) depends on the destination. We strongly recommend you to negotiate the price with the driver beforehand, because they may charge you more instead of the usual rate.

I assure you will manage to survive even though language barrier might seem confusing. Some knowledge of English and Russian will help you a lot. And if you possess a few Georgian words in your vocabulary, then you are never going to get lost in Tbilisi. Here is a useful vocabulary of essential words and phrases. Check it out please: Dictionary

No, Soviet rubles are no more useful in Georgia. Georgian currency is Georgian Lari (Gel) and you can have your own currency exchanged as soon as you arrive in the airport. Walking through the city you can find exchange boxes with signs above showing the exchange rates, or simply visit the bank nearby ... Following this link you will find more about the banks in Tbilisi... Banks

If you are not visiting friends in Tbilisi then you probably need a hotel to stay at.
There is a wide choice of hotels in Tbilisi from cozy family-run guesthouses to 5-star hotels, and the prices vary accordingly from 30$ to 300$. There are some options of choosing the desirable accommodation for you:
1. It's better to plan ahead and start looking for a hotel before arrival.
2. Or just start doing it after arrival. However we don't think you will enjoy doing so directly at the airport when you are tired of traveling, furthermore, if the flight arrives late at night. So, here is a useful link of the hotels where you can choose and reserve one in advance: Hotels

You have already found a cozy corner to stay at and have had quite good rest. Do you feel like having a snack? Visit a restaurant a few stairs down in the hotel or just use the room service there. If you prefer to dine out, follow the link Restaurant and you will find some good restaurants located close to your hotel. There are really good restaurants in Tbilisi. Some of them offer delicacies and specialties of Russian, Italian, Austrian, Spanish cuisines, as well as eastern food - Chinese, Japanese and Thai. You are not going to leave Tbilisi without visiting Georgian eating areas and enjoying grand feast of Georgian delights: Tsiskvili, Phaeton, Dzveli Sakhli, Gorgasali...

Tbilisi is 1500 years old city, so it certainly has lots of things to offer. You can take a walking tour to see the city's historical sites or if you'd like to have a look at some must see places not only in Tbilisi but also throughout Georgia just visit Info-Tbilisi Travel and request the tour to your likes. Also you can use guide service to have a complete picture of the sights you want to visit. If you wish your memories stay with you forever just purchase some Georgian souvenirs for you and your friends. Find some popular souvenirs and gift shops with items for sale at: Chardakhi (Sharden str. 17; Tel: +995 32 75 53 99), Dano (Rustaveli ave. 5; Tel: +995 99 98 98 02), Souvenirs (Erekle II str. 11; Tel: +995 32 32 22 88)

Although Tbilisi is not a big city, today you can find almost any type of transportation in the streets. Call a taxi by phone or stop it right at your doors and enjoy the most time-saving journey. Mini-buses, mainly called "marshrutkas" by local travelers, also takes you to different destinations except for the downtown, while public buses moving slowly, extensively but peacefully takes you from the heart of the city to the suburban areas. Metro as the cheapest and fastest journey-provider operates till late. Metro trains run every 2 to 5 minutes during rush hour and off-peak times. If you want to get more info about the public transportation, just check out the link: Useful Info. Find more about the car rental service at Cars

Tbilisi became involved in clubbing and active nightlife not very long ago, but today there are already plenty of clubs and bars worth visiting without hesitation. You can taste there various Georgian beer as well as German, Austrian, Czech ones while enjoying live music. Most frequently visited nightlife areas are Akhvlediani (former Perovskaya), Kiacheli and Chardin streets. The latter is situated in the old part and historical district of with full range of sightseeing. Have a look at interior and diverse menus of the Bars and choose the one to reserve at Reservation Find some more info about the night clubs at Clubs

Bad times are left behind. The police are patrolling for 24 hours throughout the city and they take care of your safety. Though, it doesn't mean than you can be careless with your handy, cell phones or wallet at public places.

- Handshakes are a common form of greeting, but Georgians often embrace upon meeting with a kiss on the check
- Georgians are friendly and hospitable people who welcome guests and treat them like family.
- Never use bad words while talking to Georgian (no matter what language you speak, offensive words are easily understandable in any language for Georgians :)
- Gay clubs... sex shops... there are no such places in Tbilisi. You will just lose your time looking for them.
- Public displays of affection are generally avoided.
- If you are going to be in Georgia for any length of time, you should not miss one the most typical Georgian experience, the "supra" and its art of toast-making.