Address: 17 Krtsanisi St.
    Phone: +995 32 295 95 04


    Security Company "NAIA" registered in 2003.
    In February 2009 company got "Private Security Activity" License #000004 

    Since the day of its foundation the main direction of activity of the company is providing security service for the accredited in Georgia Embassies and International Organizations. Our first client was EU Delegation mission to Georgia.

    Proceeding from specificity of our work 100% of company management and 90% of company staff speaks foreign languages - especially English, also Dutch, Italian, German, French, Turkish, Greek and Russian (100%). 


    Structurally company contains several departments:
    Director's personnel, Staff Management and Projecting Department, Technical Department, Legal Department, Real Estate (apartments, offices) Department. There are 335 employees at the company for this moment. 

    - EC Delegation to Georgia
    - Embassy and Consulate of Netherlands
    - EUSR Georgia - European Union Special Representative to Georgia
    - Embassy and Consulate of Switzerland
    - British Embassy
    - EBRD - European Bank of Reconstructing and Development
    - Embassy and Consulate of Italy
    - German Embassy
    - Embassy of Japan
    - EUMM Georgia - European Union Monitoring Mission to Georgia