Zaliko's Center

    Zaliko's Center

    Address: 34 Kazbegi Ave.
    Phone: +995 32 272 91 91,+995 32 272 96 96
    Mobile: +995 557 72 91 91


    "Zaliko's Center" is located at Trade Center GTC and distinguished with space, fine interior, attentive service and colorful program. Center is equipped with modern equipment and inventory. 

    It consists of two halls: café for parents and entertainment hall where kids can have fun with 16 meter obstacle course, stage, café and corner with painting tools for kids where they can paint. 

    "Zaliko's Center" is inviting you for birthday celebrations, carnivals and other celebrations. 

    You will enjoy with:
    * Costumed show
    * Funny contests and competitions
    * Fairytale, movie and cartoon heroes
    * Surprises and gifts
    * Delicious menu with natural products, for kids as well as for parents. 

    Birthday boys and girls will be gifted caricature from Zaliko.
    Menu price includes invitations.
    Minimum number of children - 20, duration - 2 hours.
    Make your child's (and not only his/her) birthday different and unforgettable. 

    "Zaliko's Centre" is inviting not only children, but adults for entertainment program and merry atmosphere. Here are all conditions for entertainment and spending unforgettable time: Karaoke, disco party, big hall fully equipped with modern equipment, delicious dishes prepared by professional cooks. 

    "Zaliko's Centre" DJ and animators will care for your happy mood with colorful program and different entertainment games. You can go back to your childhood and have fun with your friends. 

    "Zaliko's Centre" has created whole world for celebrations and evenings, contests and competitions.