Professional French makeup school

    Learn prestigious profession of Visage!

    Become prestigious and famous makeup school student!

    Get international French brand’s “MAKE-UP ATELIER PARIS" diploma!

    Makeup French school “MAKE-UP ATELIER PARIS GEORGIA” gives you opportunity to study makeup art on professional level.

    Interested persons can attend learning process.

    Monday, Wednesday, Friday

    From 11:00 to 13:00

    From 14:00 to 16:00

    Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

    From 16:00 to 18:00

    From 19:00 to 21:00

    Course duration - 2 months (24 lessons + exam, 66 academic hours) 3 times a week, 1 lesson - 2 hours

    Registration and acceptance is done after the payment or approved installments.

    During prior registration period in case of paying full amount you will receive 10% discount, you will pay Gel 1800 instead of Gel 2000.

    Online registration is also possible on the basis of money transfer!

    Bank payment details:

    “Map School” LLC

    ID: 405248968

    TBC Bank

    Bank code: TBCGE22


    Due to high volume of our customers’ requests now you can use TBC bank preferential installments!

    In case of paying the mount with installments price will be Gel 1900 instead of 2000!

    Duration of installments from 3 to 23 months!

    Interested persons please visit our studio, write to us of Facebook page or call: +995 272 68 05; +995 577 000 187

    Address: Tbilisi, 7 Chavchavadze Ave.III Entrance; II Floor.

    Working hours: Monday-Friday from 11:00 to 18:00

    Course head “MAKE-UP ATELIER PARIS" studio’s art-director, teacher and top visagiste - Christina Regini

    Our school’s advantages:

    You will become prestigious and famous makeup school’s student!

    As a gift you will receive professional brushes set, tebus (mini case for brushes), branded bag and T-shirt, notebook and pen.

    Theoretical material you will get from the first lesson!

    You will start practical lessons (along with theory) from second lesson and continue till the end.

    During the study process you will be provided French professional cosmetics, brushes, methodological materials and models for practical lessons.

    Maximum number of students in group is 7 persons.

    At the end of course students are taking the test - theory and practical exam work.

    Upon course completion student will get “MAKE-UP ATELIER PARIS" international diploma.

    School graduates will participate in various projects!

    Our students have a constant 20% discount on "Make Up Atelier Paris" brand of French professional cosmetics and brushes.

    The successful graduates will have the opportunity to practice in our studio "Make Up Atelier Paris" with French professional cosmetics, as well as attend their clients in the studio and use our products.

    Our graduates will participate in various projects.

    LLC "Melange" - the official representative of the French brand of professional make-up MAKE-UP ATELIER PARIS in Georgia.

    Phone: +995 32 272 68 05; Mob: +995 577 000 187 (11.00-19.00 except Sunday)

    Address: Tbilisi, 7 Chavchavadze Ave.III Entrance; II Floor.

    Courses are in Georgian as well as in Russian languages!

    Study program

    1. Visagist, about makeup. Specifics of visage profession, behavior ethics, communication with clients

    2. Materials and tools necessary for the work. Sanitary norms, workplace, cosmetics and instruments description

    3. Dictionary of makeup tools and products. Content of professional decorative cosmetics. Characterization of corrective and tonic products.

    4. Skin Types

    5. Prepare the face skin for makeup

    6. Stages of makeup and sequence

    7. Color type according to Itan's theory

    8. Harmony of colors, Color combination, Color theory and practical work on the chromatic circle

    9. Shadows and facial structure

    10. Face correction method (Strobing, draping, baking) modeling of face oval (Contouring)

    11. Theory of "golden intersection" and "ideal face" proportions

    12. Structure of face parts. Face parts correction tips

    13. Eyebrow drawing, visual correction

    14. Makeup for photo / TV shooting

    15. Main Schemes of Make Up:

    • Classic

    • Diagonal

    • Vertical

    • Horizontal

    • "Bananas"

    16. Showcase makeup on the model and additionally on Face-Chart

    17. Main types of Arrows: decorative and corrective (with various textures)

    18. How to use pigments and glitters in makeup

    19. Technique of watercolor and creamy products

    20. Types of Make Up:

    • "Nude Look" (Natural)

    • Honeymoon

    • Seasonal

    • Photo / TV

    • Men (theoretically)

    • Evening makeup "hollywood"

    • Evening makeup "smokey eyes" - (Classic from 3 to 6 colors gradation)

    • American technology, "smokey eyes" - with creamy material

    • Evening makeup "smokey eyes" - pencil technique

    • Fantasy makeup

    • Oriental makeup

    • Make-up "cat eye"

    • Retrospective makeup

    • Trendy makeup

    • Insta - makeup

    21. Lifting makeup

    22. Makeup for natural light

    23. Makeup for artificial lighting

    24. Eyelashes extension (bushy style)

    Make-up Atelier Paris is a brand that has been chosen by the world's top artists and most of the artists are starting their carrier at Make-up Atelier Paris school. The highest quality of professional cosmetics, the unique program of teaching and the make-up by professionals are what we are proud of!

    See the official French site -

    Makeup School

    Phone: +995 272 68 05; Mob: +995 577 000 187 (11.00-19.00)

    Address: Tbilisi, 7 Chavchavadze Ave.III Entrance; II Floor.

    "My Visage" - Amateur Course (learning makeup on your own face)

    The rules of making the right makeup, secret technique of hiding various defects and highlighting your beauty on amateur courses "My Visage".

    Intensive three-day course.

    One lesson is 2 - 3 hours.

    (in case of 1-2 students - 2 hours)

    (in case of 3-6 students 3 hours)

    You can start the course from every week. (Monday)

    Evening Group - Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 19:00 to 22:00

    Morning group - Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday from 11:00 to 14:00

    Head of the course - "MAKE-UP ATELIER PARIS" school-studio teacher, professional visagiste Nino Shubladze.

    Course cost: GEL 150

    Students will be provided with theoretical and methodical materials, brushes, and French professional cosmetics - "MAKE UP UP ATELIER PARIS"

    Practical classes on all three lessons.

    Theoretical overview of the rules of makeup on your face

    Showcase makeup by teacher

    Practical part - do your own makeup with the help of the teacher.

    Maximum number of students in group - 6 people.

    Contact us: +995 32 272 68 05; +995 32 577000187

     (from 11: 00 to 19: 00; except Sunday)

    Registration and prepayment is made on the following address: Tbilisi, 7 Chavchavadze Ave.III Entrance; II Floor.

    Phone: +995 32 2726805, +995 577 000 187

    Program: Lesson 1

    Daytime makeup.

    Theoretical part:

    The purpose and specifics of daytime makeup.

    The basic rules of makeup.

    Necessary material and tools for makeup.

    Skin type.

    Makeup stages and sequence.

    Makeup products and tools dictionary.

    Lighting during the makeup.

    Individual color type of the client. Colors’ harmony and combination. Classification of warm and cold colors.

    Practical part


    Preparation of facial skin for makeup

    Masking defects on the skin.

    Tonal cream application.


    Dry modeling (powder) - cheeks modeling, masking double chin , nose thinning - shortening, using of shimmer - adding shine to different face parts.

    Eye makeup

    Classic scheme.

    The secrets of drawing the ideal arrows.

    Eyelash mascara.

    Lip makeup

    Drawing contour with lipstick and brush.

    Lesson 2

    Evening makeup.

    Theoretical part:

    Aim and specifics of evening makeup.

    Necessary material for evening make-up.

    Lighting during the make-up.

    Practical part


    Preparation of facial skin for makeup

    Masking defects on the skin.

    Tonal cream application.

    Oily modeling - facial contouring (with correctors), cheek modeling, masking double chin, nose thinning, shortening, lip gloss, highlighting - adding shine to some face parts



    Eye makeup

    Eyebrow drawing, visual correction

    Evening makeup "smokey eyes" shadow technique - (classic 3 to 6 colors gradation)

    Using liner

    Lip makeup

    The rule durability and application of dark lipstick.

    Lesson 3

    Express make-up.

    Theoretical part:

    Tired face.


    Makeyp for color photos. A brief overview of the products

    Express make-up peculiarity.

    Practical part


    Preparation of facial skin for make-up

    Using corrector.

    Applying tonal cream.



    Eye makeup

    Diagonal scheme

    Draw the arrows, gradation and making shadow effect.

    Lip makeup

    Use of lipstick for natural effect, using gloss