Elos eLase Epilation

    Ultra-Fast Hair Removal [Motif LHR Applicator]:

    The combination of 810nm diode laser plus bi-polar RF allows you to treat more patients in less time. Fast treatments can be achieved with a constant frequency output of up to 3Hz using the largest treatment spot size in the industry (15 x 12mm). Perfect for treating large areas, like men's backs or women's legs. The elōs combined energy provides highly selective targeting of the hair follicle and shaft while protecting the surrounding tissue. The Motif LHR Applicator's "Motif Mode" offers treatment options for high frequency multiple pass "virtually painless" hair removal on all skin types. Treat more patients, more effectively, faster.

    ELOS Lase epilation prices (depending on hair growth intensity)

    Upper Lip 25-30-35
    Chin 30-35-40
    Forehead 35-40-45
    Cheeks 35-40-45
    Sideburns 25-30-35
    Between Eyebrow 5-10-15
    Nose 5-10-15
    Face (wholly) 80-100-120
    Ears 10-15-20
    Neck (wholly) 50-70-90
    Front or Back Neck 30-40-50
    Underarms 50-60-70
    Arms (wholly) 110-130-150
    Lower Arms 60-70-80
    Upper Arms 70-80-90
    Hands 20-25-30
    Fingers 20-25-30
    Between Breast (female) 25-30-35
    Areola (female) 20-25-30
    Wholly Breast (male)120-140-160
    Line of Stomach (vertical) 30-35-40
    Wholly Stomach (male) 100-120-140
    Bikini Line 60-80-100
    Bikini (“total”) 120-140-160
    Back Line (Spine) 40-45-50
    Lower Back 70-80-90
    Coccyx 25-30-35
    Thighs 60-70-80
    Inner Thighs 40-50-60
    Upper Legs 120-150-180
    Lower Legs 140-150-160
    Legs (wholly) 230-270-310
    Feet 20-25-30
    Fingers 20-25-30

    At each following procedure (the same zone) will be 10% discount.

    Information about official manufacturer see the following link:

    72, Paliashvili Str., Tel: 223-54-52; Mob: 593 99 86 24


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